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Help today for Better Tomorrow


Who can Donate?

Any one who wants to contribute towards the  purpose of Helpdrive Foundation can donate.  Please click here to donate

Can I become a volunteer?

Yes, you can become a volunteer by contacting us on the phone number 

+91 70094 00500


By registering as a Volunteer on the Volunteer form on the website.

How else can we get involved with Helpdrive foundation ?

Apart from  becoming a Volunteer you can spend some quality time at the shelter or by taking some skill development sessions with the young adults &  children.

Where is the shelter home based?

Our head office is based in Surat, but we work in Maharashtra too, also we plan to extend to all over India. Join us in making Helpdrive India a Nationwide mission to help all the needy people and make world a better place to be in.

What happens after a Helpdrive Foundation rescue operation?

The Helpdrive team after the rescue of a person tries to get in touch with the family of the person. Till then they stay in the shelter. The rescued people are also given medical treatment if needed. 

How do children in the shelter home of Helpdrive Foundation get their education?

Children in the shelter home are sent to the local government run schools. 

How does Helpdrive Foundation help young adults?

Helpdrive Foundation tries to make a young adult independent so that he/she can lead a successful independent life. 

Apart from money how can we help Helpdrive Foundation?

Apart from money you can donate  clothes for women, children and men. Please make sure  that the clothes are in wearable condition.  

You can also donate books & magazines for the shelter Library facility.

Apart from this you can donate some service, for example free medical check ups at the shelter home for elderly and infants. 

For more information please contact on 

+91 70094 00500

or click here