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The initiative that is taken by Tarun Mishra to rescue the homeless and provide them with shelter, basic medical and basic livelihood facilities brings tremendous change in their life. After rescue and living in Help Drive Foundation shelters, these people get to eat good food, clothes and a hygienic environment. They help their pain come at ease and feel safe as they see themselves living in an environment where all are rescued and come from a similar background. They feel at home and connect among themselves trying to find a new version of life. We also celebrate festivals with them and conduct religious activities like Path, pooja, bhajan, kittans etc. We try keeping them engaged with some or the other activities so that they feel motivated to do something with this life. Our volunteers provide their time to each one of them and listen to their feelings and comfort them in the best possible way. We try to better their mental health and the pain that they have faced in the past. 




At HelpDrive Foundation, our purpose is to be a beacon of compassion, dedicated to transforming the lives of the most vulnerable members of society.

We are driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to empower marginalized communities in Gujarat and beyond. Through unwavering support for women, children, and the elderly, we strive to uplift their spirits, improve their livelihoods, and advocate for their rights.



Our vision is to create a world where every individual, regardless of their background, is embraced with love and given the tools to thrive. With boundless dedication and unwavering empathy, we stand united with government agencies, donors, and volunteers who share our vision. Together, we work towards building a world where compassion, justice, and kindness reign supreme, empowering all living beings to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives.



Our values is helping others which is a humanitarian deed that spreads compassion, joy, and love throughout one's life. Service to humanity is always regarded as a kind of worship.



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